Music to Be Thankful For

Black Friday Playlist

black friday playlist!

Tunes for your Black Friday adventure. Happy hunting.

Fever Dreaming,” by No Age
(Set your alarm to this one; 5 a.m. never looked so good.)

Eyesore,” by Women
(You’re not still dreaming. The lines really are that long.)

Candy Shoppe,” by Emeralds
(Like a kid in a discounted shoe store.)

Monster,” by Kanye West, featuring Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, and Bon Iver
(Nobody plays nice on Black Friday.)

Victory,” by The Walkmen
(Throw an elbow or two. It’s the holidays.)

Heart to Tell,” by The Love Language
(Tell your shopping accomplice the cold hard truth.)

Endlessly,” by Duffy
(Never give up.)

Revival,” by Deerhunter
(Long live the second wind.)

Cold War,” by Janelle Monáe
(Some deals are worth fighting for.)

Block After Block,” by Matt & Kim
(Enough energy to keep your tired toes moving in the final hour.)

Down by the Water,” by The Drums
(It’s okay to call it quits. These boys have your back.)

Home,” by Glasser
(And it feels so good.)