Colorful Posters of the Letters of the Alphabet

Mark McGinnis's Lexicon Series

mark mcginnis lexicon!

If your walls could talk, they’d say you have a heinous potty mouth.

Give them a taste of their own medicine with a Mark McGinnis print. The Brooklyn-based artist’s alphabet posters make their Chicago debut tomorrow at Post 27.

The eye-popping, envelope-pushing designs aren’t for the faint of heart. McGinnis takes childish terms and urban dictionary phrases, then puts a humorous, adult spin on them. L is for lobotomy (a cowboy-clad, googly-eyed hot dog looking confused); Q is for qualude (a tiny, drowsy pill wearing a pink hat); K is for knocked up (a big-bellied purple mouse).

Irreverent and politically incorrect? Sure. But McGinnis’s artistic precision (he draws everything first and mixes his own colors) and wit outshine all else. We swear.

Available at Post 27, 1819 West Grand Avenue, at Wood Street (312-829-6122 or post27store.com). To see styles, go to mistermcginnis.com. Meet the artist at the store December 2, 6-10 p.m.

Photo: Courtesy of Mark McGinnis

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1818 W Grand Ave
@ Wood St
Chicago, IL 60622