Gifts for the Modern Gal

2010 Holiday Gift Guide

2010 girls' gift guide!

There are gift guides galore at times so festive,
and this one’s only slightly suggestive.
For the woman you love, the dame you revere,
The broad you adore, the bird who is dear.

Great State
To capture all her hometown joy,
A necklace shaped like Illinois.
She loves to be cozy but does not knit,
wrap or cardigan is the perfect fit. 

Cook the Books
She’d eat cheese ’til the cows came home,
And when she cooks, could use a tome
Speaking of the printed page,
Paying books forward
is all the rage.

Art with Heart
Nothing will make her peepers glint,
Quite like a lovely, thoughtful print.
This year you can skip the mall,
Mrs. Lilien boutique has it all.

More Decor
The chalkboard table’s got the goods,
Plus, plates with animals of the woods.
And if she still looks grim or glum,
Gift her cashmere for her bum.

Photo: Courtesy of Eskell