Presents for Mr. Man

2010 Gift Guide for Guys

gifts for guys!

Question: Why do men rarely shop for themselves?

Answer: Because they know you’ll shower them with awesome gifts. Selfish and lazy? You betcha. But you can’t help buying him things. Love’s weird like that.

His Wardrobe Is Wrong — All Wrong
Channel his inner pirate with an eye patch hat. Tack on a dapper bow tie from Frenchie designer Laurent Desgrange and sailor-inspired sneakers — with colored laces, of course.

brooklyn brew kit gifts for guys!He Loves Him Some Alcohol
He’ll learn the art of the drink from expert Paul McGee at The Whistler’s Cocktails 101 classes (to reserve, e-mail shelby@whistlerchicago.com). He won’t need beer goggles to see how cool an at-home brewing kit is. Add a book for inspiration.

He’s into Bling
Go maverick with a bomber ring. Or, speaking of shiny objects, your boy deserves to ring his bike bell in style. And hip to the hop with a Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names poster.

donna wilson monster kit gifts for guys!He’s Afraid of the Dark
But after he makes his own monster, he’ll feel way safer. Brighten up his space with a spotlight floor lamp.

He’s Always Late
A “nude” alarm clock will keep him punctual. Throw in a spiffy wristwatch to cut out all excuses.

Photos: Courtesy of Laurent Desgrange; Courtesy of Brooklyn Brew Shop; Courtesy of The Future Perfect