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Flavor Your Cocktail with Fresh, Seasonal Bitters

Bittercube Bitters

bittercube artisanal bitters!

When someone recently informed us that “bitters are bitter,” we thought, duh. Then we realized we don’t actually know anything about bitters.

That someone was former Violet Hour mixologist Ira Koplowitz. His biz partner, Nick Kosevich, has multiple bartending awards. Together they own Bittercube, a company dedicated to making bitters a bit more approachable.

So what are they? Flavor-packed, macerated spirits made from bark, roots, and fruit used to enhance everyday cocktails. The duo tweaked recipes for a year before nailing down flavors: cherry bark vanilla (great in old-fashioneds and Manhattans), citrusy Jamaican No. 2 (good with rum), versatile Bolivar (with chamomile, cinnamon, and dried fruit notes), spicy Jamaican No. 1, and Orange (try it in wheat beer — really).

Pick up a variety pack and wow guests at your next dinner party. Or order custom bitters or liqueur (coming soon) — the perfect wedding giveaway. Call it a free spirit.

Available at Binny’s and Lush locations; online at bittercube.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Bittercube