Kids on the Grow's Handwriting Club

The ABC's of Enjoying Winter

kids on the grow handwriting!

It would be a small miracle if Little Miss Restless got through winter without catching the stir-crazies.

Before she scales the walls, sign her up for Kids on the Grow’s handwriting club. The Lakeview enrichment center builds on its usual literacy-focused classes (reading, social, and foreign language) with the new activity group for ages 4 to 8.

Little scribes learn to master printing and cursive over ten weeks in wild and wonderful ways. Sessions start with whole-body exercises (donkey kicks, push-ups) to focus and get the sillies out, followed by fine motor warm-ups (lacing shoes, using tweezers) that train them to manipulate a pencil. There’s even juggling to improve hand-eye coordination.

Of course, actual writing is involved. Granted, it’s done with vibrating pens, paints, shaving cream, and other tools that will keep your kid going until everyone’s out of the cold.

Kids on the Grow, 3255 North Paulina Street, between Melrose and School Streets (773-868-4769 or kidsonthegrow.com). Registration starts January 3  for the winter club beginning January 24, $250.

this week in chicago!

Crown Family PlayLab Storytelling Festival
Hear classic yarns and participate in activities related to the stories (puppet-making, snowman building). Occasional music guests, too.
Why: Justin Roberts and the Not Ready for Naptime Players jam live on Dec. 29.
When: Sun.-Dec. 31. For the full schedule, go to fieldmuseum.org.
Where: The Field Museum, 1400 S. Lake Shore Dr., at McFetridge Dr. Register for the Justin Roberts show by calling 312-665-7400. Some events are free; others are $5 each.

Chicago’s Girl on the Go
Serial helper Jancy Walker lightens your holiday load, doing everything from wrapping presents to stamping cards to making hotel reservations for in-laws.
Why: You have a child on your hands, silly.
When: Crunch time.
Where: You need her most. Call 312-371-0596. Rates, $30-$100 per hour.

First Time Books
Local biz personalizes picture books ($25-$40) with your child’s name and general likeness.
Why: They cover all good stuff: going to the zoo, learning the ABC’s, potty training.
When: Birthday party invites roll in.
Where: Available for order at Kooky, 520 N. Michigan Ave., at Grand Ave.; online at firsttimebooks.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Kids on the Grow

Kids on the Grow
3255 N Paulina St
bt Melrose & School Sts
Chicago, IL 60657
520 N Michigan Ave
@ Grand Ave
Chicago, IL 60611
1400 S Lake Shore Dr
@ McFetridge Dr
Chicago, IL 60605