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Gourmet Sandwich Shop in River North

Grahamwich Gourmet Sandwiches

grahamwich chicago!

Do you like that chef named Graham?
Thought that Grahamwich was a sham?
We do not like when chefs delay.
But Grahamwich opened up Wednesday.

Would you like a bite to eat,
A tasty sandwich, something sweet?
A tiny spot, it seats a few,
Order to-go from the menu.

Would you like the beef short rib?
It may require you wear a bib.
Taters, shallots, horseradish spread,
Served on Red Hen pretzel bread.

We do like turkey confit,
With candied yams, stewed cranberries.
We would not, could not turn away,
Pastrami Reuben with caraway.

Would you like to eat a snack?
Truffle popcorn, you’ll attack.
Flavored sodas bring you cheer?
Try vanilla kola or root beer.

We would not, could not have the nerve,
To squeeze in cinnamon soft-serve.
Okay, we’ll do it just for Graham.
Grahamwich is a true grand slam.

Grahamwich, 615 North State Street, between Ontario and Ohio Streets (312-624-9188 or grahamwich.com).

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615 N State St
bt Ontario & Ohio Sts
Chicago, IL 60654