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Party-Perfect Bundt Cakes to Feed a Rowdy Crowd

Dessert to Serve with a Side of Aspirin

liquor cake!

If cupcakes are the baking world’s cutesy goody two-shoes, then we’ve found the cool kid who cut PE to hang out in the parking lot.

It’s a Bundt cake from Immaculate Confections. And it sure smells like it has been drinking.

Vanilla Grand Marnier, dark chocolate Kahlúa, butter rum — take your pick from baker Julie Peres’s lip-smacking selection of big, fat baked-to-order treats.

Drawing on recipes from her family archive, Peres amps up each cake with at least one cup of top-shelf booze (divided between the cake and glaze). Will you catch a buzz from the bittersweet chocolate bourbon or dark chocolate Chambord? More like a sugar high.

Most of the alcohol burns off during baking, though the process leaves the cake especially rich, flavorful, and primed to pull an all-nighter from L.A. to destinations across the 48 states. It will still be fresh when you get out of detention.

Available online at liquorcake.com, $45.

Photo: Courtesy of Liquor Cake

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