Now Showing: The Loved One Lingerie

Underwear Straight from an Old B Movie

the loved one lingerie!

Most unmentionables are referred to as such for a reason: They’re boring.

But you can be sure The Loved One, Elvia Lahman and Hannah Metz’s debut lingerie collection, will get people talking.

Inspired by troves of frilly underthings uncovered during their travels as vintage wholesalers, along with old Frederick’s of Hollywood catalogs and early 1960s girlie magazines, a small selection launches today.

Each style is named after a saucy B movie: Slip into the high-waisted, netting and lace Sin in the Suburbs; flouncy, gartered The Bed and How to Make It; or sheer Fuego top and bottom lounge set. The diamond style of Agony of Love might seem a bit confusing at first glance but, trust us, the black stretch lace guarantees a double take.

Don’t mention it.

Available online at thelovedone.bigcartel.com, $34-$62.

Photo: Courtesy of The Loved One Lingerie