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Coffee and Conversation at Caffe Streets

An Anti-Wi-Fi Coffeehouse


You and your Internet connection are the best of friends. But sometimes, you’ll admit, the relationship isn’t fulfilling.

Here to reintroduce healthy human interaction to your life: Caffe Streets, a Wi-Fi-free coffee shop/hangout that just opened in Wicker Park.

Owner Darko Arandjelovic grew up fraternizing with local coffee mongers in his hometown, Serbia. Today he wants to bring that familiarity and conversation to the good people of Chicago.

Start by talking to your tablemate about the awesome, salvaged streetlights hanging above the coffee bar. Or how the plants and flowers add a nice liveliness. Or how much you love that the walls and ceiling are made of wood.

Your new friend may tell you she’s crazy for the Chemex coffee, custom Intelligentsia espresso blend, Madcap brew, and Portland-based Hotlips soda (a Chicago exclusive).

No Internet, no e-mail. Just good old-fashioned talk. Which isn’t so cheap after all.

Caffe Streets, 1750 West Division Street, between Wood Street and Hermitage Avenue (773-278-2739 or caffestreets.com).

Photo: mloge / Flickr

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1750 W Division St
bt Wood St & Hermitage Ave
Chicago, IL 60622