7 New Picture Books for Little Page-Turners

Bedtime Books to Read Together

look! a book!

Here’s hoping the fine art of the picture book never goes the way of the Kindle.

Seven new books that will turn your little listeners into page turners.

Look! A Book!, by Bob Staake
It’s one surprise after another in this madcap adventure. Die-cut holes reveal snips of underwater worlds and treetop playgrounds. But the real joy comes in exploring the visual treats on each page.

Betty Bunny Loves Chocolate Cake, by Michael B. Kaplan
Parents of handfuls will recognize Betty Bunny’s confident and determined ways — once she sets her mind to something, nothing can stop her. And though Betty doesn’t master the concept of patience this time around, we’re pretty sure the lesson wasn’t lost on our story-time companion.

where’s walrus book!Where’s Walrus?, by Stephen Savage
A runaway walrus stays one step ahead of his zookeeper by disguising himself under the hats of everyday folk (firefighters, businessmen, artists). The wordless romp comes to life through simple yet inviting illustrations, leaving you and your kids to imaginatively fill in the blanks.

Small Saul, by Ashley Spires
Ahoy, mates! Gentle Saul joins a band of rough pirates and tries his best to master life as a seafaring tough guy. The hidden treasure: He and his shipmates discover the value in just being yourself.

the rainbow book!The Rainbow Book, by Kate Ohrt
Using colors to explore a spectrum of feelings (“When I feel red, I am fiery and bold”), the elaborate die-cut pages resemble snowflakes that when layered create a stunning kaleidoscope effect.

Perfect Square, by Michael Hall
A creative tale of transformation that teaches kids and parents alike to turn those not-so-perfect experiences (being poked full of holes, being torn into scraps) into something extraordinary.

red wagon!The Red Wagon, by Renata Liwska
Little Lucy is sent off to the market when all she really wants to do is play with her wagon. She soon learns that with a little imagination even doing chores can be a fun ride.

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Photos: Courtesy of Bob Staake; Courtesy of Scholastic; Courtesy of Accord Publishing; Courtesy of Penguin Young Readers Group; Courtesy of Juliette Sunshine