Hellomellow Takes Over Your Tub

Great-Smelling, All-Natural Body Products

hellomellow bath salts!

We can put a man on the moon, but we still haven’t figured out scratch ’n’ sniff e-mails.

Which is really too bad, because if we could, you’d be catching a whiff of Hellomellow, a mood-shifting line of handmade, all-natural bath and body products.

Pop the top on a body oil (a rich blend of olive and sesame oils infused with star ingredient avocado-mango butter) in Rejuvenate and free the essences of lemon grass, lavender, and litsea. Toss a handful of pink Himalayan bath salts into the tub and have Empower’s peppermint, eucalyptus, and marjoram take you away. Clean up with the moisturizing body scrub, and notes, like Uplift’s grapefruit and vanilla, stick around.

And since you don’t live in your bathroom, energy-shifting sprays help you make your way in the world. Balance, a calming bergamot and chamomile spritz, is perfect anytime you’re experiencing technical difficulties.

Available online at hellomellow.com, $8-$36.

Photo: Courtesy of Hellomellow