Valeo at the JW Marriott Pampers with a Purpose

Custom Massages, Facials, and Bodywork

wellness experience!

Wellness guru Kate Hurley avoids using the word spa to describe her newest project, Valeo, at the just-opened JW Marriott.

Fine by us; she can call it whatever she wants.

Located underground, Valeo is like a tranquil cavern with an entire staff dedicated to you. There’s no official list of services. Instead you’re asked how you’re feeling and what you’d like remedied (our answers: sore muscles, chapped from cold). Next you’re whisked away to the changing room to prepare for a mystery bespoke treatment.

Our fearless technician, Cheryl, combated our fatigued skin with myriad natural products (think rosemary and peppermint). A custom-mixed mask restored moisture; while it set, she worked masseuse magic on our arms, hands, and neck. Afterward, we took a dry steam in the Clarity Chamber, a series of private rooms with heated floors, marble slabs, and a fireplace.

We know just what to call it: glorious.

Valeo, JW Marriott, 151 West Adams Street, at Wells Street (312-660-8250 or valeochicago.com).

Photo: PhotoAlto / Laurence Mouton / Getty Images

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151 W Adams St
@ LaSalle St, in the JW Marriott
Chicago, IL 60604