Look Flawless with Help from Sheila Hansen

Lessons from a Professional Makeup Artist

makeup lessons!

After a disastrous department store makeover, a cabbie mistook you for a thief (in hindsight, the hockey mask was overkill).

Save some face with a makeup lesson from Sheila Hansen. With more than 20 years’ experience (Bobbi Brown, Chanel, commercial work), she’s not your average punim painter. Her cozy Ravenswood home doubles as a makeup studio and mini shop, where she touts natural, ecofriendly products (she’s also a certified herbal therapist).

Professional lighting helps Hansen read your skin’s texture and hue. She makes suggestions without being pushy (caffeine-infused eye cream for puffiness; bronzer racing stripes are a no-no), noting specific products that will work for you.

Then she applies, handing you a mirror after each step. Natural is the name of her game, so you’ll leave looking sun kissed and clean, armed with tips and techniques for flawless-looking skin.

The only thing you’ll steal is the show.

For more information, go to ifagoddessworemakeup.com.

Photo: Image Source / Getty Images