Weekly Flower Delivery from Weeds Chicago

Flower Power, Once a Week

weeds floral delivery!

If roses are red,
And violets are blue,
Then how are they green?
There’s a riddle for you.

The answer is Weeds, an ecofriendly floral studio offering weekly bouquet deliveries throughout Chicago.

Owner Amy Bowen sources local, organic blooms and packs them in recycled cardboard (which double as cute containers). Transfer the flowers to your favorite vase (you know you have one), recycle the box, and voila.

Only the freshest stems make it into the bouquets, meaning one week you may be loving lilacs, and the next you may be crazy for chrysanthemums. The surprise is half the fun. Bowen’s even been known to incorporate actual weeds into her arrangements, but they’re so pretty you’d never know.

You may just have to guess.

Available online at weedschicago.com, $45 for one delivery; $135 for four.

Photo: Courtesy of Weeds