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Royal Wedding Biscuit Cake Recipe

Royal Wedding Biscuit Cake Recipe

Tea & Sympathy’s Easy Directions

Snail mail should be ashamed: It seems millions of invites to the royal wedding were lost (ours included).

But that doesn’t mean we can’t indulge like royalty on Friday. Thanks to the recipe given to us in today’s video by the lovely/crazy Brits at NYC’s Tea & Sympathy restaurant, we’ll be devouring Prince Will’s beloved no-bake chocolate biscuit cake.

The directions are so easy it’s no wonder Will’s taken heat for the dessert being a little lowbrow for the occasion. But one bite and you’ll get it: Imagine a souped-up Rice Krispies treat made with graham crackers (a suitable substitute for the traditional digestives the Brits use), condensed milk, and good chocolate.

Which we cordially invite you to get all over your face.

Want something else to serve at your wedding-watching party? Try Marmite soldiers (sure to polarize guests). You’ll also need to wear a fancy DIY headpiece. For more information on Tea & Sympathy, go to teaandsympathynewyork.com.

kate and william's visit!The royal couple decided to surprise us at our NYC office. Check out our Facebook album documenting their visit.