Charlotte Gainsbourg Performs "Trick Pony"

Charlotte Gainsbourg Performs "Trick Pony"

Made in France

Charlotte, Charlotte, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways.

No, seriously. We’re gonna list them right now:

1. You gave us an exclusive video for “Trick Pony” from your new album, Irm, written/produced by Beck.

2. You are not a one-trick pony. (Not only do you sing, but two words: Antichrist. Whoa.) 

3. You make us want to practice our French — or at least fake an accent.

4. You come from a dead-sexy line of crooners.  

5. You’re real pretty.

We’ll stop there — before this starts to get creepy.

We’ve got you on repeat anyway.

Available online at iTunes or amazon.com. For more information, go to charlottegainsbourg.com.