How to Go from Kinky to Curly Hair

How to Go from Kinky to Curly Hair

Georgia Salon Gives Us Some Tips

As the adage goes, a lot of work goes into looking effortless. And for African-American women, getting kinky hair curly — without harsh chemicals — is no small feat. So we’ll be the first to tell you this how-to is particularly ambitious.

Nevertheless, Sharntai Harris at the hip Georgia salon in downtown Manhattan has great tips for doing just that, including must-have products and step-by-steps to make styling easier. We’ll be honest: It takes practice and time — but once you’re finished, it’ll last for days.

If you’re truly feeling intimidated, we suggest trying it out with a friend. If nothing else, she can make you a cocktail while you’re drying and twisting.

If you’re in New York City, visit Georgia at 89a East Houston Street, between Elizabeth Street and Bowery ( or georgiany.com). Want more? Check out our video on going from kinky to straight hair and our gallery of the top ten hair trends for fall.

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