How to Apply Self-Tanner to Your Face

How to Apply Self-Tanner (Face)

An Expert Shows Us Her Method

“Did you just get back from vacation?”

Nope (we wish). Instead, we had a lesson in DIY spray tanning from bronzing expert Meredith Fish, founder of Brownberry in Manhattan. In today’s videos, she has tips for doing your face (above) and body — including how to avoid dreaded streaks on hands and feet.

Fish recommends using an alcohol-free tanner — and always starting with a lighter shade and testing it on a small patch of unseen skin beforehand. Make a mistake? Don’t worry: She also shows us her tried-and-true method for getting rid of unwanted splotches.

Follow her instructions and you’ll go from pasty to bronzed in just a few hours.

Much faster and cheaper than a trip to Brazil.

For more information on Brownberry, go to brownberrynyc.com.