I Spy DIY’s Jenni Radosevich’s Sandal Tutorial

Easy Does It: Tribal-Print Sandals

Easy tribal-print kicks

DIY footwear conjures images of postpedicure paper flip-flops and plastic bags taped over shoes in the rain.

Here to elevate the idea is I Spy DIY’s Jenni Radosevich. For today’s Easy Does It video, we gave her a pair of $17 H&M sandals and told her to make them special for less than $20.

The result: seriously cute, tribal-inspired kicks that took about 45 minutes, start to finish, to doll up. All you need is colorful string, glue, scissors, and a can-do attitude. Just kidding — you don’t even need a can-do attitude (it’s that easy).

Her trick can also be applied — literally — to belts, bracelets, hair bands, you name it.

If you want more (you will), check out her new book, I Spy DIY Style, for enough ideas to keep you busy all summer.

No fake flower hair clips as shoe adornments in sight.

I Spy DIY Style is available online at amazon.com, $15. To see Radosevich’s inspiration, go to ispydiy.com. Want to learn to do more cool stuff? Watch our videos on getting Madonna-worthy hair, making a Kentucky Derby hat, or constructing a candelabra from stuff at the hardware store.



How to Pose for a Picture

How to Pose for a Picture

Expert Tips for Looking Good in Photos

Shiny forehead, freak grimace, bulging eyes — you’ve got an uncanny ability to ruin a photo. And thanks to Facebook tagging, the entire world can witness your awkward mugging until the end of time.

You could avoid cameras altogether. Or you could just watch today’s video, with its simple tips for looking great in pictures.

Our expert, Sardi Klein, longtime NYC photographer and professor at The School of Visual Arts and Pratt, has seen it all, from mothers of the bride who peer skyward to avoid double chins to businessmen whose phony smiles turn head shots into mug shots.

Follow her advice, and the next time someone tags you in a photo, you might just share instead of hide.

Is there something you want to learn to do? Submit ideas to easydoesit@dailycandy.com.

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How to Create the Perfect Messy Side Bun

How to Create the Perfect Messy Side Bun

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Tonight will probably be filled with bad decisions (that last glass of champers, for starters).

Ring in 2011 with at least a little dignity by avoiding the drunken late-night ponytail. You can stay classy all night long with the perfect messy bun, courtesy of NYC’s Fox & Boy salon (and one of our favorite how-to videos of the year).

Because even if you want to be a hot mess, your hair doesn’t have to be.

Not feeling the messy bun? Try out the around-the-head French braid, modern beehive, or pinned-up curls (for shorter hair).


Food & Drink

Throw a Successful Dinner Party

Throw a Successful Dinner Party

Dinner Smarties

At your last mealtime gathering, you did everything right: big, pricey steaks; fancy-schmancy china; stimulating conversation cards (what’s your animal soul mate?!).

No wonder the whole thing was so awkward.

Next time, take a cue from Tamara Reynolds and Zora O’Neill, the hilarious Astoria-based hostesses with the mostest behind Forking Fantastic: Put the Party Back in Dinner Party.

In today’s video, the gals, who’ve been hosting wildly popular Sunday night shindigs for six years, walk us through dinner party faux pas — and they’re not what you’d expect (the tips or the ladies).

You’ll feel so inspired, you’ll start planning another soiree immediately.

Just don’t bring your sexy panda friend.

Available online at amazon.com. For more information, go to forkingfantastic.com.