Dirt Design Studio Opens Downtown

A New Place for Buds

dirt design flowers!

Your boss’s breakup. Your neighbor’s booty call. The latest celebrity shenanigans.

You always have some dirt.

Clean house at Dirt Design Studio.

Next Monday, the Bishop Arts floral shop opens its second locale in a historic, four-story building downtown. The ground-floor retail space debuts with not-your-mama’s arrangements: Think unusual stems like milk thistle, sunset begonias, twigs, and berry branches in cool containers like bark-covered pots and recycled food cans.

The farmhouse-chic shop, outfitted in reclaimed furnishings from thrift shops and friends’ attics, also hosts floral design classes in which students learn stem cutting, vase water preparation, and design trade tricks. In the works are a full-blown professional design school and an indoor/outdoor space for private events.

You can dig it this Friday, 7 to 10 p.m., at the open house cocktail party.

And that’s news you can actually use.

Dirt Design Studio, 1517 Main Street (214-242-9533 or dirtflowers.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Dirt Design Studio

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1517 Main St
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