Merah Jewelry Won't Make Your Ears Itch

Nickel-Free Earrings for a Dime

merah nickel-free jewelry debuts!

You got your mom’s long legs and dad’s fast metabolism. But your good genes didn’t exempt you from some ugly allergies.

Keep Merah in the family.

The Austin-based jewelry label is owned by Meredith Budwin, a longtime nickel allergy sufferer who also has a sixth sense for fashion.

Her earrings use only hypoallergenic hooks made from a metallic element that’s 100 percent nickel free but looks like solid gold. Browse her site for looks that are more glam than granola, including a chandelier pair loaded with emerald-inspired stones and a style with cascading sunbursts of peachy gems and faux diamonds.

The label is sensitive to shoppers’ pocketbooks as well. Everything is priced $20 to $50, including free standard shipping — and you save 15 percent on everything through July 31 with code dailycandy.

Which ensures a good reaction.

Available online at shopmerah.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Merah