Jeans That Don't Make Your Butt Look Big

Hip Chixs Denim Debuts

hip chixs denim!

During this satanic heat spell, you’ve nixed running, polyester, and anything black.

But jeans? Hell, no.

Enter new Dallas-based denim label Hip Chixs, owned by pals Megan Carreker and Aimee Miller. They’re hot in a good way.

The duo’s first collection has two slimming cuts — straight and boot — in a classic soft indigo wash or a vintage look with hints of gray and brown and some light fading. Although they keep the pockets and stitching simple, the ladies add a little sizzle (and their Texas roots) with extra inches on the cuffs to flatter towering heels and the phrase “Y’all want some of this” embroidered in a hidden spot.

At $181 a pair, these puppies aren’t cheap. But Hip Chixs claims if you line-dry the pants, they will last an eternity.

Which just goes to show: The devil’s in the details.

Available at The Blues Jean Bar, 6810 Snider Plaza (214-368-5326 or thebluesjeanbar.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Hip Chixs

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The Blues Jean Bar
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