How to Wear Fur Without Being a Jerk

Iteratti Reworked Vintage Furs

iteratti vintage furs!

Once upon a time, a girl and a wolf sat down for tea.

Little Red Riding Hood: I think it’s time I retire this storied old cape and got something warmer for winter.

The Big Bad Wolf: Why, it’s your signature look. What will you wear?

LRRH: Fur.

TBBW: Fur?! You wouldn’t!

LRRH: Not new fur, silly. Something from Iteratti, a company that turns vintage fur into fashionable stoles, wraps, and jackets. I could visit its new Oak Lawn boutique or just call or email my wish list, and the pelt pros will divulge their latest one-of-a-kind looks with photos and prices. They’re all easy on the environment and lined with chartreuse silk for a little kick.

TBBW: You won’t feel any guilt?

LRRH: Scraps that don’t make it to the sewing machine are donated to animal shelters to comfort small creatures, and 2 percent of all profits goes to charities such as Meals on Wheels.

TBBW: Well, isn’t that a storybook ending?

Iteratti Vintage Furs, 163 Oak Lawn Avenue (650-248-3724 or
iteratti.com), $850-$5,000.

Photo: Courtesy of Iteratti

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163 Oak Lawn Ave
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