Vintage Junkys Home and Fashion Boutique Opens

A Reason to Drive to Colleyville

vintage junkys!

You’ll take the fragrance of a musty antiques store over Chanel No. 5 any day.

Time to sniff out Vintage Junkys.

Treasure hunters Cristy Tongate and Becky Callahan just opened their three-building marketplace dedicated to retro furniture (especially midcentury modern and French provincial styles) and covetable clothing.

The store’s Colleyville address (yes, it’s worth the drive) means less competition while you nose out the finds (think 1960s chartreuse chairs, shabby-chic chandeliers, fur stoles). Foodies appreciate the kitchen stocked with groovy glassware and pattern-happy aprons; for sun worshipers, there’s a patio loaded with 1950s outdoor dining sets and iron sculptures and planters.

Prices — from $15 for colorful tchotchkes to $50-plus for a cocktail dress throwback — are fair.

In other words, it’s a smell of a deal.

Vintage Junkys, 4201 Colleyville Boulevard, Colleyville (817-581-1220 or vintage-junkys.com).

Photo: Brittany Edwards for DailyCandy

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4201 Colleyville Blvd
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