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Itzy Ritzy's Wrap & Roll

itzy ritzy wrap roll!

You know how to do the car seat tango: Pop it in, drive around, pop it out, lug, lug, lug.

To help you with those last painful steps, there’s Itzy Ritzy’s Wrap & Roll. The smart invention is a pad that wraps around an infant carrier handle to cushion your arm while you’re lifting the car seat. And it has another trick up its sleeve: It unrolls to become a play mat.

Made from soft cotton and minky, the machine-washable circle can be spread out for tummy time (it comes with a mirror and toy loops to keep littles occupied). In a pinch, you can also use it as a changing pad or blanket.

You have to love a product that does so many things — all without taking up a lick of space in your diaper bag. And that’s no song and dance.

Available at itzyritzy.com, $30.

Photo: Courtesy of Itzy Ritzy

this week in dallas!

Yogiños: Yoga for Youth

What: Do a series of easy poses alongside your baby buddha (ages 2 and up) in The Crow Collection of Asian Art’s galleries.
Why: Changing themes stretch his mind, too.
When: Ongoing. Tues., 3:45 p.m. & Sat., 11 a.m.
Where: 2010 Flora St. (214-979-6430). To register (required), call 214-979-6438 or email education@crowcollection.org. Cost is $10 per family.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
What: Watch mayhem ensue when Mom leaves her little boy home alone (ages 4 and up).
Why: Looks like she should have sprung for a babysitter.
When: Thru Feb. 26. Sat., 1:30 p.m.; Sun., 1:30 & 4:30 p.m.
Where: Dallas Children’s Theater, Rosewood Center for Family Arts, 5938 Skillman St. Tickets at 214-740-0051 or online at tickets.dct.org. Adults, $24; children, $22.

Story Time

What: Gather round for a few tales read by A Real Bookstore staff.
Why: Added perk? Crafts and snacks.
When: Ongoing. Tues. & Wed., 10 a.m.
Where: The Village at Fairview, 113 Prairie Rd., Fairview (972-398-9888). Participation is free.

A Real Bookstore
113 Prairie Rd
Fairview, TX 75069
5938 Skillman St
Dallas, TX 75231
Crow Collection of Asian Art
2010 Flora St
Dallas, TX 75201