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Zukali Mexican Gourmet Toppings Launch

Home Alone Tonight? Spice It Up

zukali mexican gourmet toppings!

Overheard at the water cooler this Valentine’s Day morn.

Receptionist: Hot plans tonight?

Single Sarah: Oh, yeah. Me, Matthew Morrison, and takeout.

R: Spice it up with Zukali.

SS: Who?

R: Think hot, Mexican, and totally doable.

SS: Keep talking.

R: More like tasting. It’s a new gourmet toppings label out of McKinney that makes small-batch salsa and fire-roasted poblanos and jalapenos. Owner Cesar Sanchez is a real mix artist. His jalapenos, for example, are marinated in a blend of soy sauce, lime juice, and spices. They go great on Mexican bites, of course, but they give a kick to burgers, fish, and hot dogs, too.

SS: Oh, I can glee it now.

Available at The Cajun Turkey Company, 5519 Arapaho Road, suite 118 (972-866-9400); online at zukali.com, $7 per jar.

Photo: Guillaume Garrigue / Agent 485 / Courtesy of Zukali 

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