Mohzy USB Bracelets Combine Style with Substance

Fashion for Tech Lovers

mohzy usb bracelet!

At some point in English vernacular “I’m an adorakable lady child who loves hearts and kittens” became as palatable as “I’m blond — and a D cup.”

Mohzy’s USB loops are as pleasing to look at as they are whip smart.

First and foremost, they’re damn-cute bracelets: Sailor-stripe and geometric-print bands are anything but cloying. Aqua blue polka-dot and bright pink, orange, and yellow styles are striking without begging to be ogled.

More importantly, they ingeniously double as cell chargers, two-sided photo magnets, and data-transfer cords (iPhone, iPod, and micro-USB capable) when you’re not busy treating them like arm candy.

We’d say it’s a nerdy take on a fashion four-way.

But nobody wants to hear that.

Available online at yesstyle.com, $15. To see styles, go to mohzy.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Mohzy