Editor's Pick: The Blind Barber's Grooming Line

Smells like NYC (in a good way)

tompkins square park candle!

The sights and sounds of my East Village ’hood are one thing. The smells are another story entirely. Thankfully, beloved NYC grooming spot/speakeasy The Blind Barber’s apothecary-style ode to my stomping grounds are nothing to turn your nose at.

I was thrilled to find the royal blue candle (and equally cool-looking 90 Proof hair pomade) is the opposite of its nitty-gritty name: Fresh towels, honey, leather, and lavender are among the clean-cut scent notes.

Yes, this is a line for men. And yes, I’d slather this on over a girly perfume any day of the week.

I’m smitten alright. Get a whiff. You won’t be sorry. — Tiffany, Everywhere editor

Available at blindbarber.com, $22-$88.

Photo: Tiffany Davis / DailyCandy