Over the English Channel

Les Triplettes decor for vintage cool kids

les triplettes quilts!

The French and the British don’t always see eye to eye (The Hundred Years’ War, Napoleon, food).

But when three French-born friends translate their long-standing love for Liberty London fabrics into a children’s decor line, everybody wins.

Les Triplettes takes its name from the 2003 animated film, Les Triplettes de Belleville, an homage to all things vintage-Euro-cool. And the feel of the designs is just that. Quintessential Liberty prints adorn garlands, cloud-shaped cushions, and, our personal favorites, child-size quilts. Each piece is made by hand and sure to sweeten up any kid’s digs.

The trio of amies are hard at work (in their adopted home of Quebec) on the fall catalog, which is set to include children’s bedding sets.

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled.

Available at minibulles.ca, $35 and up. To see the collection, go to lestriplettes.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Les Triplettes