Better than Nuggets: Bellyfulls

Ice pops for picky eaters


Our preschooler’s mouth is like Fort Knox — nary a vegetable shall enter. But ice pops? They’ve got an all-access pass.

So we’re hopeful about BellyFulls. The pop-making kit was designed for parents of unadventurous eaters as a way to get a wider range of foods into their kids’ diets. It includes an eight-pop silicone mold, 100 wooden spoon-stick handles, and a recipe book with twenty unexpected, nutrition-packed concoctions.

Every recipe pairs surefire winners, like strawberries and vanilla yogurt, with power ingredients like kale or carrots. Raspberry Robot mixes in spinach and almond butter. The Sea Breeze contains English cucumber and infant rice cereal (and excellent source of iron for kids of any age).

The creators of BellyFulls suggest engaging kids in the prep process for added fun and learning. But knowing ours, this will be a top-secret operation.

Available at thehopefullcompany.com, $40.

Photo: Courtesy of The Hopefull Company