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Mother Shucker's Makes Tamales

Eat this now

mother shucker's tamales!

Cue the bass. Now drop that beat.

Fugly. Friggin’. Shizzle.

Your cuss words teeter between hybrid puppy breed and Snoop Dogg talk.

But Mother Shucker’s is just your sizzle. The Burleson tamale company carts homemade shucks to farmers markets and sells them online.

Spicy habanero pork is A No. 1. Milder options like chipotle chicken; veggie beef; black bean, corn, and cheese; and vegan jalapeno and bean are also fun.

Purchase a dozen of a single flavor for $18 or a seven-piece sampler for just twelve bucks. They last two weeks in the fridge or in the freezer up to six months.

Word to the Mother Shucker’s.

Available at mothershuckerstamales.com. Market dates and locations online at mothershuckerstamales.com/calendar.

Photo: Lisa Romerein / Getty Images