Play It Again: Ashiato Sandals

Animal footprint sandals make a mark

a+r flip-flops!

If we had a grain of sand for every time our kids claimed boredom, we’d be writing this story from beachfront property.

Help them stamp out the dog days of summer with a pair of Ashiato animal footprint sandals. The pint-size flip-flops are based on traditional Japanese geta, but these creative clogs get their lift from cat, monkey, or dinosaur feet.

Simply slip on the sandals, step onto the sand, and take a hike. The trail left behind resembles animal tracks, not the usual Flinstonesque pads of toddler toes.

Because these shoes are built from pine wood harvested in socially, environmentally, and economically responsible forests, the ecosystem wasn’t disrupted in their making.

If we had a tree for every time we heard that story …

Available online at aplusrstore.com, $32.