Again & Again Outlet Opens

Retro furnishings at retro prices

again & again outlet!

If your sofa and coffee table could talk, their chat would go something like this.

Sofa: Hey, man. Hanging in there? I can’t believe the boss lady hasn’t fixed that gnawed-on leg yet.

Table: What about your chewed-up arm? I don’t know who’s worse — her or that pesky pup.

S: There are no more excuses. Not with Again & Again’s new outlet. Owner Leslie Pritchard moved her swanky Hollywood Regency furnishings to Riverfront Boulevard and turned the former digs into a bargain bazaar to move older merchandise and lower-priced consignments with the same retro style.

T: I heard the 14,000-square-foot warehouse is packed with furniture, lighting, and art, and that prices are for the entry-level nester. Rumor has it six dining chairs start at $250, while sofas start at $450.

S: That doesn’t bite.

Again & Again Outlet, 141 Howell Street (214-826-6666).

Photo: Courtesy of Again & Again Outlet 

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141 Howell St
Dallas, TX 75207