Ya Look Great Fitness Studio Opens

It sure beats dumbbells and ellipticals

ya look great fitness studio!

If Mrs. Applebaum — your tough-as-nails seventh-grade algebra teacher — was in charge of your workout regimen, you’d have glutes as tight as her French twist.

Get schooled at Ya Look Great, a new Knox-Henderson fitness center with a questionable name but fun group classes.

The two-room studio hosts yoga, boot camp, spin, and something called Shred and Tread. But the real reason to get off your butt is the twice-a-week dance cardio class, an hour-long sweat session of toning work and memory-free movements to kick off your Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

Instructor Cristin Caulfield calls it “updated aerobics geared toward girls who don’t want to learn silly routines or build big muscles.” We call it awesome.

Pay $20 per class or opt for discounted packages or an unlimited monthly membership.

You do the math.

Ya Look Great, 4430 McKinney Avenue, suite 100 (214-443-0202 or yalookgreatbootcamp.com).

Photo: Adam Gault / Getty Images 

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4430 McKinney Ave
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