App-y Day: Tiny Tiger

Animal friends come out to play

tiny tiger!

Your home? Such a zoo.

Which makes it the perfect place to welcome Tiny Tiger and Friends. The sweetly simple app, sure to tickle the under-6 set, presents a menagerie of illustrated animals to interact with. Kids choose a hippo, tiger, or monkey as their playmate and let the games begin.

The romp starts with dressing up their new friend in cheeky clothes and accessories (cowboy hat, tutu, crown, pirate hat, disco pants, sunglasses). Then it’s off to the photo booth, where they select a backdrop (we dig the spaceship and castle) and snap a picture.

So far, it’s been breezy fun. But competition heats up with the last feature, Poke–a–Nose, which challenges littles to tap the face of their wild pal as it quickly appears and disappears, racking up points along the way.

We’re wild for it.

Available at itunes.apple.com, $2.

Photo: Courtesy of The Curio Dept.