Elissa Stern Shares Her Vintage Shopping Tips

5 ways to get the goody from golden oldies

elissa stern's vintage shopping tips!

Hundred-degree days are done for the year, but we’re hot under the collar about the cost of new fall clothes.

Thankfully, effortlessly cool thrift queen Elissa Stern, of fashion blog Dress with Courage and new book Thrifting 101, has a few words for making the most of the old.

1. Compile a list of what you want before heading out. This helps you focus when you’re navigating a store.

2. Budget plenty of time for arduous excavation. You’ll spend hours digging through the racks, since stores are usually not organized by size.

3. Know your measurements, as vintage sizing is different from modern sizing. A vintage size 10 is more like a modern size 4. Take a tape measure, since some stores lack dressing rooms.

4. Wearing head-to-toe vintage can look costumey, so mix things up. An ancient python clutch or 1960s tailored wool blazer looks fresh when paired with modern pieces.

5. Every vintage lover should have a chambray or denim shirt, a woven brown leather belt, a sequin top that can be dressed up or down, and a navy blazer. These versatile pieces are easily found at thrift stores for a song.

No sweat.

Thrifting 101 is available at amazon.com, $25. To read Stern’s blog, go to dresswithcourage-elissa.blogspot.com.

Photos: Elissa Stern / Courtesy of Dress with Courage