La Bichette Hair and Makeup Atelier Opens

A beauty salon Ariel would visit

la bichette!

You can’t swing a flat iron in this town without hitting a hair salon, but we found a new place to sing about.

[To the tune of “Under the Sea”]

The seaweed is always greener
In somebody else’s lake.
You dream about mermaid curls,
But what is it going to take?
Just look at the world around you,
Right here at La Bichette.
Such wonderful things surround you.
Why haven’t you been there yet?

Under the sea,
That’s where we’ll be.
Darling, it’s better
Near Snider Plaza.
Take it from us.
A little French razzle-dazzle
Takes out the frizz and the frazzle.
No cuts or color,
But still lots for your dollar
Under the sea.

Blowouts, updos, makeup.
What are you waiting for?
The faux lashes are so easy;
The space as pretty as a pearl.
Chandeliers, mirrors, candy jars,
Beauty potions all abound.
Down a glass of cold bubbly
And take a quick spin around.

Under the sea.

La Bichette, 6405 Hillcrest Avenue (214-520-3500 or labichette.com). Services start at $35.

Photo: Natalie Barrett Photography / Courtesy of La Bichette

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6405 Hillcrest Ave
in Snider Plaza
Dallas, TX 75205