Gemma Collection Jewelry Boutique Opens

Affordable necklaces, rings, and earrings to chirp about

gemma collection!

A girl and a parrot walk into a bar.

Bartender: Nice feathers.

Bird: Feathers. Bwak.

Girl: Her name is Polly.

Bartender: You name your earrings?

Girl: Oh, these? [Tugs on her F. Is for Frank feather-shaped accessories.] Thanks. They’re from Gemma Collection, a new Snider Plaza jewelry shop.

Bartender: They’re fly.

Bird: Bwak. Fly.

Girl: Yeah, I’m still aflutter over the agate necklaces, gold-filled cocktail rings, and simple studs. The owner, a former broker at an investment bank, fits more than 30 lines inside the tiny boutique, including local designers Three Bishops, Taylor Custer, Catherine Page, and Snooty Peacock.

Bird: Peacock. Bwak.

Bartender: Prices make you squawk?

Girl: Nope. Most range $50 to $150, but the best part? Several styles are $45 or less.

Bartender: Amazing.

Bird: You can say that again!

Gemma Collection, 6715 Snider Plaza (469-232-9357).

Photo: Courtesy of Gemma Collection

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6715 Snider Plz
Dallas, TX 75205