Foot Cardigan Launches

Talk the walk

foot cardigan!

Judging by your snail mail, you’re a credit card-hungry coupon hoarder who needs a teeth cleaning.

And crazy sock lady, if Foot Cardigan has a say.

The sock-of-the-month club sends subscribers downright random pairs. They’re so outlandish, you’ll want to go shoeless to show off your toe jam (they’ve been known to send PB&Js holding hands).

As for holidays, no jolly fat man here, just random knits decked with gnomes, mustaches, and manatees. However, they do observe the political season with designs of the candidates’ faces (blue for Obama and red for Romney, of course).

Gifting? Opt for “horrible wrapping” (their words, not ours).

That should earn some pearly whites.

Available at footcardigan.com, starts at $9 per month plus shipping.

Photos: Courtesy of Foot Cardigan