Holistic Health Coach Ashley Neese

A Silver Lake wellness guru who thinks big picture

holistic nutritionist ashley neese!

While the devil on one shoulder leads you unto Tostitos, the angel on the other whispers of greener (juice) pastures.

Hark, she speaks.

Keeping you away from the junk food aisle is too big a job for me alone. I am calling in backup: Silver Lake health and wellness coach Ashley Neese whips you into better shape with a six-month nourishment program. Schedule an initial consult and go prepared to answer the tough questions (What do you eat for breakfast? At which point in life were you happiest?).

After gauging your level of self-care and goals (weight loss, stress reduction), she customizes a diet and exercise regimen. Weekly or biweekly sessions spent doing yoga, meditating, or learning a new recipe (Neese is a professional natural foods chef) keep you on track.

Because when it comes to staying healthy, you shouldn’t wing it.

For more information, go to ashleyneese.com. Each session is $70.

Photo: Young & Hungry Production / Courtesy of Ashley Neese