What Would Brian Bolke Read?

Choice titles from the owner of Chapter Two

In the era of e-readers, there’s still something delightful about browsing hardbacks and holding a magazine in your hand. And now you’ve got a new spot in which to do it.

The ever-stylish Brian Bolke (Forty Five Ten, Number One) just opened Chapter Two.

The Highland Park Village shop holds fewer than 200 titles — each one a gem. We asked Bolke to share a few of his favorites.

Title: Private Giancarlo Giammetti
Ten-word synopsis: Fashion-forward autobiography about Valentino’s trusted 50-year business partner.
Why he loves it: “I’ve been obsessed by the book following Giancarlo on Instagram. What a life!”

Title: For the Love of Shoes
Ten-word synopsis: A glossy showcase of designs and materials; truly avant-garde.
Why he loves it: “Shoes as sculpture, for shoe lovers everywhere.”

Title: Viktor & Rolf Fairy Tales
Ten-word synopsis: Fables get a modern makeover, accompanied by splendid illustrations.
Why he loves it: “Viktor and Rolf signed these for us when they were here in April. What a perfect gift for a little fashionista.”

Title: Salad for Dinner
Ten-word synopsis: A celebration of vegetables and the art of clever combinations.
Why he loves it: “What a beautiful book. It has been a best seller since our opening.”

chapter two!

Title: Bentley- The Book
Ten-word synopsis: A gigantic collection of photographs illustrating the luxury car brand.
Why he loves it: “Total fantasy.”

Title: Finesse
Ten-word synopsis: Twice-yearly periodical highlighting individuals and companies inspiring design evolution.
Why he loves it: “A gorgeous and hard-to-find magazine from Thomas Keller. I first discovered it in Napa, at French Laundry.”

Title: Fantastic Man
Ten-word synopsis: Everything your fella needs to be a gentleman and scholar.
Why he loves it: “The title says it all. Brilliant and sublime.”

Title: iD
Ten-word synopsis: Perfect combo of science, nature, psychology, history, and current events.
Why he loves it: “I love this month’s multiple supermodel covers. I choose Kate Moss.”

Title: The World of Interiors
Ten-word synopsis: All the latest design trends that are fit to print.
Why he loves it: “My all-time favorite magazine. Hands down.”

Title: Paper
Ten-word synopsis: Catch up on New York City culture, pop and otherwise.
Why he loves it: “I have been a fan for decades. It never disappoints.”

Chapter Two, 2 Highland Park Village (214-520-0101 or hpvillage.com).

Photos: Jason Acton / Courtesy of Chapter Two

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