Create a Patterned Lamp Shade with Make + Made

Julie McCullough demonstrates DIY home decor

lamp shade diy!

Your apartment skews more dorm room than showroom. But you don’t have the budget for an interior designer. Plus, Pinterest gives you hives.

Julie McCullough of Make + Made helps you ease into DIY with a project that’s low on risk and high on reward. For a quick pop of color in an otherwise drab living room (guilty as charged), she suggests transforming a plain lamp shade with stuff you can find in a craft store.

1½ yards of pretty fabric (from Jo-Ann, Golden D’or, or Super Textiles)
Measuring tape
63 inch-wide lamp shade (from Ikea or Target)
Rotary cutter
3M 77 spray adhesive (from Michaels or Lowe’s)

lampshade diy!

1. Spread your fabric on a clean, flat surface. Measure it to fit your lamp shade by slowly rolling the shade across the material and holding the fabric tightly against it. Tip: A drum shade is easier to work with than a tapered one.

2. Measure an extra ½ inch of material at each end of the fabric, so it can be folded over later for a clean finish.

3. Cut the fabric with a rotary cutter.

4. In a well-ventilated area, spray the back of the fabric with adhesive. Tip: Cover the surrounding area with newspaper to protect surfaces.

lampshade diy!

5. Fold a ½-inch hem at one end of the fabric and spray it with adhesive. This will allow you to create a clean overlap later.

6. Center your shade on the sticky side of the fabric. Line up the existing seam on your shade with the end of the fabric you didn’t fold.

7. Carefully roll the shade along the fabric to adhere the two pieces. Smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles in the fabric as you go. (Spray adhesive isn’t excessively strong, so you can always peel back and start again if you need to.)

lampshade diy!

8. Once you’ve wrapped the fabric around the shade completely, overlap the ends for a clean finish.

9. Fold the excess fabric around the top and bottom of the shade, and cut small lines at the spokes so the fabric falls flat on either side. If any areas need more adhesive, use a bit of hot glue.

Make + Made, 409 North Zang Boulevard, Oak Cliff (214-941-0075 or themakesite.com).

lampshade diy!

Photos: Emily McCartney for DailyCandy

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