Woman Behind the Art: Rachel Nash

Nine things to know about this gallery gal

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When a 28-year-old becomes a licensed professional counselor and registered art therapist and opens a gallery in Deep Ellum, you begin to wonder what the frick you’ve been doing all your life. But Rachel Nash is one lady too sweet to spite.

The SMU grad has embarked on an adventure most of us only dream of — starting her own business — and is doing it on her own terms. Rachel Nash Gallery opened earlier this month, and the mission is twofold: The front half of her 2,200-square-foot space is dedicated to showing work from emerging artists; the back half acts as an art therapy studio for both children and adults.

It’s hard not to root for someone hoping to do good for the community while supporting local art underdogs. But what else makes Nash likable? Here are nine more reasons we want to be her gal pal.

1. The idea to open a gallery sparked when a friend asked her where he could get a piece of art to hang above his fireplace.

2. She had no idea what to tell him.

rachel nash gallery!

3. So she opened a gallery for beginners, where artists can learn to show their works and the rest of us can learn to buy art.

4. The movable walls her father designed for the gallery are so big they’ll have to be deconstructed if she ever leaves the building.

5. Nash is originally from Oklahoma City. After attending college in Dallas and grad school in Chicago, she worked in Fort Worth for a few years, then found her way back to Big D.

6. She’s been a fan of Cy Twombly since she encountered his work in Chicago.

rachel nash gallery!

7. Her first exhibit, titled Color | Gray, came to her in a dream about a red and green painting. She started playing with complementary colors and adding white to create striking grays.

8. Nash is primarily an oil painter. She really likes working on portraits of strangers.

9. Her favorite restaurant is FT33, where she once ate a steak that tasted like blueberry cake.

How sweet is that?

Rachel Nash Gallery, 2646 Main Street (972-863-3909 or rachelnashgallery.com).

Photos: Courtesy of Rachel Nash Gallery

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