A Cut Above

You cut a stylish figure.

At least you think so.

Which may explain why others sometimes have a hard time understanding your quirky tastes. (The quilted felt jumpsuit sure raised some eyebrows.)

Magda Sayeg, on the other hand, understands you completely. Her funky, lightweight scarves are made from stitched-together shapes, and they come in eye-catching color combinations (pastels with fluorescents). The look? Think more cut-and-paste construction paper project, less cold-weather protection accessory. They’ll carry you through spring — and are sure to blend right in with your unpredictable wardrobe.

Maybe you’ll layer pink and gray circles over brown and orange blocks. Knowing you, you’ll put the slinky snake design over that deconstructed dress as a necklace substitute, as you brilliantly defy expectations once again.

If you do say so yourself.

Available at Raye, 2608 Dunlavy, Houston (713-550-6533 or magdasayeg.com).