20th Century Fox

In your book, everything old is perennially new. Black Givenchy dress circa 1961? Check. Wide-brim hat tied with white scarf a la Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Check and check. Vintage Cartier bag to tie it all together?

Curses. Foiled by the vintage gods again.

Don’t give up just yet. E-mail Sally Rosen, the owner of 20th Century Collections, an ever-changing website that probably has just the accessory you’ve been dreaming of. Like a chocolate Hermès saddle clutch, a Pucci silk bag with leather strap, as well as vintage jewelry by designers like Line Vautrin, Coppola e Toppo, and Paul Lobel.

If she doesn’t have what you want, she’ll hunt it down for you. And she’ll never make you compromise.

Prices for all the hard-to-find pieces aren’t listed online. Sally wants you to ask. It’s all very old world meets modern day.

Kind of like you.

Available online at 20thcenturycollections.com or e-mail collections@charter.net.