Prep for Prep

You’ve been wearing pearls and grosgrain since “preppy chic” was an oxymoron. And you took plenty of crap for it from your trend-enslaved, grunge-wearing friends.

Having the last laugh isn’t as satisfying as you’d hoped. With everyone jumping on the madras bandwagon, how can you keep your signature look special?

Get a Galveston Tote. The classic canvas bag has been redone by Alexandra Knight, and it now sports an alligator trim no poser-preppy could possibly appreciate. The Galveston is just like the beloved East Coast bag you’ve carried all these years — but it has a little Texas flair. And in trim colors like pepto pink, mandarina orange, and lime green, you’ll have no problem standing out.

Unless you finally give in to those hipsters — and hell just happens to freeze over.

Available at Forty Five Ten, 4510 McKinney Avenue, Knox-Henderson (214-559-4510).