Life Preservers

Granny lived a remarkably well-kept life. (Everyone said so.)

Sadly, the same cannot be said for the vintage Louis bag she bequeathed to you.

Heaven knows you’d never dump it. But in its current shot-to-heck shape, it’s presenting you with something of a quandary.

Take it to Deno’s of Highland Park Shoe Service. The accessory fix-it shop adored by the ladies who lunch has the clever solution. They’ll remake that beloved (but raggedy) vintage handbag into a new accessory (flip-flops, sandals, strappy stilettos, belts, or wrist cuffs) in just two to three weeks. Shoes start at $100, belts begin at $75 (you can even add your own buckle), and wrist cuffs start at $50. A small price to pay to salvage a piece of family history.

And when people ask you where you got your cool wrist cuff, you can tell them it belonged to Granny.

That ought to get people talking.

Deno’s of Highland Park Shoe Service, 62 Highland Park Village, Highland Park (214-521-1070).