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Sumo Cum Laude

Enough with the whole everything’s-bigger-in-Texas thing already.

Big hair. Big cars. When will the world learn that there’s more to us than outsized egos and gargantuan accessories?

Then again, if your out-of-state friends decide to send you a Sumo Enormous Gourmet Fortune Cookie as a joke, the stereotype might not be such a bad thing. These oversized confections are made from scratch in two sizes — the Lil’ Sumo is the size of a baseball, while the Sumo is honeydew-sized — and can be stuffed with personalized messages.

Not only do they look different from the average fortune cookie, they taste different, too. Which means you’ll actually want to eat them. The Drizzled Sumo is dipped in chocolate and drizzled with even more chocolate. The Southern Pecan Turtle Sumo comes topped with pecans, caramel, and chocolate. The chocolate-dipped Seven Layer Sumo is covered in coconut, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, pecans, and white chocolate. As for the Sumo with Snickers, well, the name says it all.

But be warned: Finish a whole cookie at once, and everyone will know about your Texas-sized appetite.

Available online at sumocookies.com.