Writing Past Wrongs

Southern ladies have been known to do more than raise politeness to an art form.

They’ve turned it into a ruthless, gruesome bloodsport.

Perfect example: Last week, Lucy sent a basket of scones to thank you for a recent dinner party. You, not to be outdone, sent a thank-you note the very next day. She then one-upped you by sending a thank-you note for your thank-you note.

How to win the escalating arms race that is the current state of etiquette? Quality, not quantity, baby. Abby Jean’s note cards will put all your well-mannered friends (and enemies) to shame. They’re available in three varieties: Until, featuring cheeky sayings; Blush Pink, sweet chocolate-colored designs on pink paper; and School Days, retro-chic sheets inspired by grade-school composition notebooks.

They’re ideal for all aggressively polite gestures, from a thanks-for-the-baby-shower note to a hand-written dinner-party invite. Oh, if only you’d known about these when Lucy got that nose job. You could’ve sent her a get-well note.

Now that would’ve redrawn the battle lines.

Available at Needle in a Haystack, 6911 Preston Road, University Park (214-528-2850 or abbyjeanpress.com).